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:: Refresh ::

As the saying goes, we need to eat our own dog food. Time for a full refresh: new logo, new website. new drive!

:: Reborn ::

After a seven year hiatus, a new company “Now U C IT” is born. It’s goal is to help organizations of all sizes to navigate, adapt, and thrive in the digital economy.

:: Sabbatical ::

Sometimes, life events bring un expected surprises – sadly not of al of them are good. Thus began a passage of time that was not conducive to operating a business. The Sabbatical begins.

:: Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce ::

Working with the Greater providence Chamber of Commerce Ambassador team to promote local businesses through show case events,  joint marketing ventures, and other targeted promotions

:: Forbes CCP ::

Working with the Forbes Custom Communications Partners (a special publishing group within Forbes Magazine), our team produced a variety digital solution for prestigious clients including Four Seasons Hotels, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, and Northwestern Mutual Financial Services.

:: Marriott Project ::

Working with MVP International, the project scope was to build an online application to manage Audio, Video, and Lighting systems sourcing and acquisition for Marriott Hotel conference facilities world-wide.

:: Team Building ::

As projects grew larger, it was time to start building a team. Placed an ad on Monster.com for freelance developers – result swamped with resumes! Out of the pile came some highly talented programmers : John W. Neal B. and Vladimir K.

:: Getting Flashier ::

Customers were increasingly looking for animation and Flash was the answer (a Macromedia product until the company was acquired by Adobe in 2005). Introduced in 1996, the product was matured and included a host of animation capabilities including a powerful scripting language and used to develop web content as well as stand-a-lone CDs and DVDs

:: Start-up ::

Back then, the company was called “Qorra, Inc.” which focused on web site development for small business owners. The projects were virtually all static HTML, and standards among browsers were sparse – Internet Explorer and Netscape ruled the roost!