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Forbes :: Harley Davidson 100th Anniversay

Forbes Custom Publishing Group (Forbes CCP) provided publishing services for high-profile advertising clients. During our consulting engagement with this specialist group,  it was collectively approached to bid on a contract to publish the Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Magazine – a $1.3m revenue opportunity. The key to winning this bid was not in the revenue sharing model, nor the ability to produce a creative magazine design. Instead, the secret was to truly understand the Harley Davidson brand, its heritage, and its customers, and being able to communicate that understanding within the pitch. (example pages below).

This required an extensive and  in-depth research through library books, articles, and Forbes’s own archives, all of which which needed to be accomplished is a matter of days.

It was during the research effort that our team had a eureka moment of tying historical information nuggets from our research with the number one not only to reinforce the brand’s position, but also to tie directly to the “one” in 100th hundredth anniversary).

We designed a format for these informational nuggets and place a different one in the left-lower margin of every page in the pitch document – twenty in total:


It was this creative and innovative component that set Forbes apart in the deal – Harley Davidson’s CEO noticed them and made a direct reference during the pitch presentation.

Sometimes it’s necessary to put a great deal more effort into the small details to create a competitive advantage.

Project Details

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    Graphic Design, Marketing
  • Date:
    September 30, 2001