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LUV 2 B U :: Branding

This pro-bono project for LUV 2 B U – an Alternative & Holistic Health Service based in Providence, Rhode Island – was focused on remastering the already designed logo for digital and print applications.

The logo design features very fine line elements that did not translate well when scaled or when used in a reverse-out (knock out) design, as shown on the reverse side of the business card:

LUV 2 B U Business card

Using the original logo EPS file, we created different variants that included thickening of the vector lines for use in various sizes in positive and negative formats.

Project Details

  • Customer:
    LUV 2 B U
  • Category:
  • Skills:
    Graphic Design, Illustration, Marketing, Photoshop
  • Date:
    April 30, 2016
  • Tags:
    Customer, Graphic

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